Recently Google has introduced a magnificent addition to the back-end tools of their superb blogger interface: The Template Designer. Being a Blog Designer and Blog Template Designer a question that I'm being asked is whether this would mark the end of my creed!

Let's find the answer.

What's the Template Designer?
The Template Designer is a tool introduced by Google that allows the user to customise the template. This would enable the user to do much more than just choose a boring Template and live with it.Or Google for a good template designer offering his/her templates for free! You were lucky, not everyone is.
In the Template Designer, you’ll find:

  • 15 new professional templates to start from (and more on their way)
  • Custom blog layouts with one, two and three columns
  • Hundreds of professional background images from iStockphoto
  • Customizable colors, fonts, and more!
*The application is currently available in the draft mode. But then if you've been on the net long enough you'd know that the Google products in beta mode are often better than the final products by others.

More about the template designer here:

How's the Template Designer?
- The interface is simple and very easy to use.
- The designs are sleek and beautiful.
- You can achieve a decent level of customisation using the application.
It was a much required application. And Google's got it on, just in time.

What about the Blog Designers?
Well, if you are a Template Designer and you are smart, intelligent and talented than I have only one thing to say to you - don't worry.

Blog Designing has a lot to do with both art and science. The visual representation is obviously the artistic output. But there is science behind the art. Every blog needs a specific kind of design and only a smart blog designer knows which is the right one. And, also, however big the design gallery of Blogger becomes it is going to be insufficient to satisfy all.Therefore, designers with original concepts will always be in demand. So if you are good at the art and science of blog designing you will be in demand.

Is the template designer actually good for the blog designers?
The ease of the application is going to introduce a lot more people to the concept of a customised/designed blog and this might actually work in favor of the designers. A  greater audience using customised designs would mean a greater number of people looking for absolutely unique designs. And that is a void that only template designers can fill. And, therefore, a template designer who understands his/her work and has the talent will make it to the next level.

... to be continued

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