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This is my first attempt at designing a fully-customised artistic blogger template. Apart from its beautiful, simple yet sophisticated looks the template is extremely functional. There is a  tabbed sidebar on the bottom-left which reduces the visual clutter. And there is a navigation menu on the top-right which can be used to provide easy access.

This template can be used for various purposes, but is ideally suited for personal sites.

In addition I have provided the code in the package for those who would like to further customize the template. In such a case do not forget to give credits to the original designer a.k.a M S Ahluwalia.

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  1. After uploading the template you would probably want to keep the same image as the centerpiece as I have used. Here's how you can do it...

    Simply go to Layout>>Page Elements and Click on Edit on the image... there it will ask for image URL... in the From Web field copy-paste the following link:

    Click on OK.. you're done :)